August 1, 2008


It seems like such a simple concept. People do it all the time. And I can't say I hate to pack, I just can't seem to get around to it. It's something I think about, and contemplate and wonder about and stress over.

And then I make a list. (Did you think I actually packed after that? Ha!)

No, packing, for me, only happens in the wee hours. I can't seem to pack before midnight the night before I leave.

It's not a mad scramble. I've done my shopping, my clothes are clean. I'm not missing anything. I just can't bring myself to put it all together. It's too stressful (and besides, I still have so much worrying to do -- what would it be like to be organized in advance? what would I do before a trip if I packed in advance?)

So I'm still thinking about it. After all, I don't travel for another 60 hours.

What's the rush?

* OK. It's after 11 on Sunday night ... I actually have the suitcase out. Progress!!

July 29, 2008


So here's the deal: I'm heading to Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics and I'm going to make a valiant effort to actually blog about my experiences. And maybe post some photos, too.

It won't be as clever or as topical as Paul's blog, but what the heck. If I can conquer my writing phobia then I'll consider this a success.

We leave on Monday, off to our adventure.

This will be my 12th Olympics -- Los Angeles, Calgary, Seoul, Albertville, Barcelona, Lillehammer, Atlanta, Nagano, Sydney, Salt Lake City and Athens -- but my first on site, so I'm pretty excited.

If I can see one event (I think my press credential will confine me to the media center) I'll be thrilled. My other goals: The Forbidden City, The Great Wall and lots of dumplings.

Off we go ...