July 7, 2009

Blog Tweaks

If any of you notice the blog changing (and I'll wager none of you has) it's because we're trying a new venture with Paul, and I'm fiddling with the coding. So no, he isn't writing these posts, and if you see his picture on the blog ... it's only because I like the way he looks.


All I Want is a Newspaper

We are, not surprisingly, holdouts on the printed newspaper-in-our-hands front. We subscribe to the Los Angeles Times and now to the Long Beach Press-Telegram. While I do read a lot of news online, I like having the paper for a variety of reasons, as does Paul. I love the pleasure of the Sunday sections spread out all over; he likes the boxscores in an easy-to-read format so he can keep stats for his fantasy league team. In short, it would take a lot to get us to give up our daily subscriptions.

But we're at that point.

We simply can't get the paper delivered. It is often stolen, it is rarely replaced when we call, and even more frequently both papers circulation departments make it nearly impossible to speak to a live person. And once I do get through -- after many days and minutes spent trying to reach someone, anyone, I have had promises of doorstep delivery with my name on the paper. I have had promises of replacements, I have had reps begging me to give them another chance. But still no papers.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter why we want the paper -- for all anyone knows, we use it to line the birdcage. The point is, we're willing to pay for it, and we still can't get it.

If people like us -- die hard fans of print with 50 years of experience between us -- are ready to give up the daily because of the hassle, it's no wonder regular people can't be bothered.