May 23, 2009

Want Ads

People have been asking me, since I took my new first job out of journalism, what it is I do. And I've been having some trouble answering them, partly because it is an evolving situation. A little of this, a little of that.

Now, because my boss has seen fit to post my job on Craigslist while I was having surgery, I have a clearer picture of things:

Professional firm in search of a unique high-energy individual who has the right experience, skills and positive personality. We're a small office and all employees wear several hats. Must have at minimum bachelors degree, 5 years experience as an Executive Assistant/Marketing Assistant or similar. Must have experience working with high level demanding executives. Technical Skills: 1) Must be adeptly skilled at microsoft office applications to include Vista Word, Excel, powerpoint, Outlook, Constant Contact, and Photoshop; 2) must be experienced working with Adobe dreamweaver, Joomla, Sharepoint and Bootcamp (sic); 3) experienced at managing webinars; and 4) experienced at overseeing client management systems. Professional skills: a true professional who does not say "I don't know" but instead gets an answer; ability to write, edit, draft press releases, articles, and columns a must; research-research-research; have an abundance of common sense, obsessively organized and highly detail oriented. In addition can handle a fast paced demanding environment. What we offer you: a stable company with two well-known principals, excellent working environment, room to grow, benefits, fair compensation package. For the right person, this is a big career opportunity. Only qualified please apply. Please send resume, salary history, and cover letter that explains your qualifications - be specific regarding technical skills.
  • Location: Long Beach
  • Compensation: $35,000 - $42,000 p/year plus health benefits
Of course, the pay offered is less, the responsibilities as originally described to me are different and the expertise required is very, very specific: some of those skills are so specific that I've only recently acquired them. And at least one of them (misidentified above) I acquired to bring revenue to the company.

Oh, and that client management system they want someone to oversee? I created it.

I did not misrepresent myself originally nor imply or state that I had any of those technical skills; I had no formal training and most of the programs I learned on my own to benefit this company.

But make no mistake, this is my job.

In February, when I took the position, I thought I was the right person and that it was, indeed, a big career opportunity. But I have come to realize there is no right person for this job. Not for long, anyway. It turns out I was one in a series of "right people" and the person who comes after me will only be right until the next mood swing hits.

It's disheartening, to say the least. I was brought up to be hard-working and exceedingly loyal -- and thus have offered loyalty to employers who usually offered it back. There always was a quid pro quo offered at newspapers -- you do good work and you are rewarded. Very simple. Yet after witnessing the recent decline of journalism, it is clear that scenario no longer exists. What I didn't realize was that journalism, in my experience, was better than most. That in the private sector, people jump from firm to firm and are fired because of unmet and unstated expectations that are ever changing. And that there is no expectation of loyalty in either direction.

I liked this job and I liked the company.

How Pollyanna-ish of me.

But the writing on the Internet is oh-so-clear. One way or another, this situation will be resolved.

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Tris Wykes said...

Good luck to the boss in finding a super hero with exactly all those skills and willing to work for what has to be peanuts in expensive LA. I hope you told the boss where to go.