August 15, 2008

Sneezing and Wheezing

The Chinese are, understandably, sensitive about their air. Growing up in the San Bernardino Valley, I never liked the constant reminders about how smoggy it was where I lived.

But I like to think after growing up there, and then living in Paris, hardly a smog-less city, I would be used to it.

It's not looking like it.

And the funny thing is, yesterday and today have been just beautiful days. Clear, sunny. There are mountains in Beijing. Who knew? It's bright, and the colors are shiny. Just glorious.

But after the rain of two days ago, I've been having what I usually call allergy issues. Dry hacking cough, wheezing. It's like the rain stirred up a bunch of stuff (which is entirely possible).
On the other hand, I've been inside a tremendous amount, so maybe it's the constant air conditioning? I don't know, and I suppose it doesn't much matter.

I have some cough drops handy, because I know I cringe everytime someone in the pressroom (and there are so many someones in the pressroom) coughs or sneezes, and I don't want to be one of those people. I suppose I also have access to Paul's albuterol if it really gets tough.

But mostly I find the whole scenario annoying. I am strong! I am immune to the vagaries of the weather!

Apparently not.

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