October 3, 2008

Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Did you all know I like dumplings? I think I might have mentioned it.

Hong Kong, so far, has been everything -- in so many ways -- that I had hoped Beijing would be. But this post is just about food.

In just a short time I've enjoyed Dim Sum of barbecued pork bao buns and sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves. I've had won ton soup with noodles and Singapore style noodles. We had gigantic mushrooms in sauce on top of Chinese cabbage. And seafood spring rolls.

And me without my camera.

An IHT colleague is a foodie and promised to take me for soup dumplings, which I first had with my friend Ursula at a Shanghainese restaurant in Marin. We have passed by tiny little shops with barbecued ducks and pork in the windows, and pictures of Dim Sum of every kind.

I'm trying to get to as many places as I can before Paul goes to work on Monday ... He'll be working 2-10 and right through dinner, and I'll have to fend for myself. If we have a stove (see previous post) I might cook, but groceries are expensive and takeout is less so.

And I don't know how to make dumplings.

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Dad said...

In your spare time, maybe you can learn how to make dumplings. Can't be all that hard.