September 28, 2008

Packing, Part II

Last night, someone asked me if I was all packed.

Didn't you hear me laughing??

It was Saturday night, and I don't leave until Tuesday night. Those of you familiar with me, and this blog, know I'm a last-minute packer, and 72 hours doesn't count, even if I do have to pack for a four-month trip.

So I got to thinking about people who pack early and, moreso, people who unpack. Does everyone unpack as soon as they get back? Really? I'm preparing for the moment I look into my rolling duffel -- the one I took to Beijing -- and discover there's still a lot of crap in there that I never put away.

I'm sure I meant to; it's just to some things. Unpacking, apparently, is one of those things.

What is it they say? You have to crawl before you walk? Or unpack before you pack?

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