March 22, 2009

Le Week-end

Went to Le Creperie last night for dinner, and it was cool. French food! I was tempted by the savory crepes, even though they were American-style, but ended up with the Moules Mariniere (mussels).

Oh how I miss those garlicky mussels in a wine broth, dipping baguette in and sopping up the sauce. They had skinny frites, too, and it was a nice reminder of Paris. Although I must say, the mussels here were much more plump even though the portion was much more tiny.

And then today, on the train, I heard three young women speaking French. I struck up a conversation with them -- it's been at least a year since I've spoken French -- and they seemed thrilled to speak French with someone. So we were all happy.

A little Francophilia to round out my weekend.


Dumdad said...


If you like moules so much you must try out my recipe (see my blog).

Sky Guy said...

Sorta small world factoid: My first date with my wife (after our blind date introduction) was at La Creperie restaurant here. I'm sure it doesn't compare to the one in Long Beach but it's still one of our favorites.

Leah said...

I wouldn't be so sure about that -- there are French people all over the U.S., and I suspect the crepes here are a little overtuffed and overdone!
Do you still have an affinity for your local place?