August 7, 2008

Brush With Greatness

Since I'm still not working (grrrr) I have a good, long day to explore and hang out and wish I had an internet connection.

Today, I went to to the U.S. Men's Basketball press conference, and it was pretty much a zoo. They introduced the players and then positioned them in various places around the auditorium, so journalists could do one-on-one (ok small group) interviews. I did something I'm really not supposed to do, as a journalist, and that is take fan-girl pictures. But this is the Olympics, and if you don't get in anyone's way, they really don't care so much.

But it comes down to this: My arms aren't long enough to get a photo of Kobe Bryant (above). I was able to get the back of Carmelo Anthony's head, I got a Where's Waldo-esque photo of Chris Bosch and I did one of those silly photos that puts me in the same shot as Dwyane Wade.

Next thing you know, I'll be in his Fave 5.

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