September 19, 2008

On to the Next Adventure

So, Hong Kong here we come.

How did this happen, you might think? Well, we got back from China and a week or so later got an e-mail from the International Herald Tribune asking if we had any interest in going to Hong Kong.

I didn't think we did, but Paul said sure, let's look into it.

A week later, he was hired on a temporary contract as an editor for the Asia edition of the IHT and scheduled to begin Oct. 5. With the IHT you never know; sometimes things move slowly and sometimes fast. This time, it was pretty fast. About a week.

So, five weeks or so after we got back from Beijing we're headed to Hong Kong.

It's sure to be an adventure. Stay tuned.


George Alfano said...

This leads to the question... can you get Peking Duck in Hong Kong?

Sorry, I couldn't resist

Nate Ryan said...

So glad to hear the blogging is continuing! I'll be reading faithfully again as I did for Beijing...

Thanks for the kind words on my "Seasons" entry in PaulO's blog...though I get a kick out of YOU lauding my sense of adventure! Leah, you're the person who took me to Disneyland for the first time, brought me to the Argentina-Romania World Cup thriller in 1994 AND introduced me to Douglas Coupland! Without you, there's a lot of adventuring I never would have done! Take care and be well...looking forward to the updates.